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GOP Jesus Sounds More Like an Anti-Jesus Liberal Trying to Make Fun of Christians and Failing

Perhaps you've seen the video going around called GOP Jesus done by Friend Dog Studios. If you haven't, you probably already get the gist of it from the title: it's Jesus saying some Jesus things but twisting His words to make fun of those hypocritical evangelicals who vote Trump (with strawman arguments, of course). In so doing, the video also argues that Jesus was a democrat and all His teachings were socialism.

The video features twelve sayings altogether, twisted by GOP Jesus. I'm going to address six of them today, and the other six tomorrow. I'll present the quote from the video with the biblical reference it's taken from, I'll show you what Jesus actually said in context, I'll explain to you what the passage means, and then I'll counter-punch with what the liberal's "Jesus" says.

Disclaimer: I didn't vote for Trump. I'm a pastor who loves God's word and hates to see it twisted for their own nefarious purposes.

GOP Jes…