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Review of A.D... Not Bad... But It Will Be

So I watched the first episode of A.D. The Bible Continues, and I have to admit -- it wasn't terrible. At least, not yet. Yes, I expected it to be bad, and no, I'm not rooting for it to be bad. It will be bad. But before I offer my review, A.D. needs a little backstory. Not the material covered in the show. I mean the show itself and its creators.

If you've seen an ad poster for A.D., you might notice that it says, "The Bible Continues," with "The Bible" italicized. That's because it's not a continuation of the stories in the Bible. The series is a sequel to the miniseries The Bible which aired two years ago on the History Channel. That series started on March 3 and finished on March 31, which was Easter Sunday in 2013. The show A.D. debuted on Easter Sunday. That's not a coincidence.

In the History Channel miniseries, the episode entitled "Survival" chronicled a chapter of Israel's history when they were given over to Babyloni…