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The Stupidity of Hagee's Blood Moons Prophesy

Is this, like, the year of false teaching? Or is it just because I've spent most of my year in 1 and 2 Timothy that my radar is specifically pointed toward this stuff? Good grief but is there a lot of stupid going on. And if it offends you that a pastor just used the word "stupid" to describe false teachers and those who fall for their nonsense, it's in the Bible.

Everyone survived the first Blood Moon, right? I even stayed up until 4:00 last night (or this morning) watching the eclipse. Why, because I thought some end-times prophesy was going to be fulfilled? No, because I haven't seen one since I was 12. I remember being grumpy about it. My dad woke me up at 2am to tell me the moon was eclipsed. I walked outside, took one look at it, ho-hummed and went back to bed.

The last few times there's been a lunar eclipse, it's been cloudy and I wasn't able to see it. But last night was a beautifully clear night. I got to see my first lunar eclipse in two dec…

Review of the Movie "Heaven Is for Real"

This completes a trilogy of movie reviews on religious films that started with the blasphemous depiction of the Son of God and the satanic version of Noah. Next week, Heaven Is for Real hits theaters, conveniently opening right between Palm Sunday and Easter.

Heaven Is For Real is the story of a three-year-old boy named Colton who had to have an emergency appendectomy where he supposedly died while in surgery. When he came back to life, he was able to recall amazing details he wouldn't have previously known.

He said that he saw his father in another room of the hospital getting mad at God. In his death, he also got to see heaven and encountered a sister whom he had never met. Apparently his mom had a miscarriage, but she had never told Colton about the baby she lost.

He was also able to identify a younger version of his great grandfather. When his father, Todd, showed Colton a picture of his grandfather as a young man, Colton confirmed that was the man he met. "In heaven, ever…