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If You Can't Protest at Planned Parenthood, Here's 5 Things You Can Do

Enough is enough. Planned Parenthood, shown without question to be butchering living children and harvesting their organs for profit, must not only lose federal funding, they must be shut down. Every abortion center in the country must also be torn to the ground, and abortion as a murderous act be made illegal.

While my heart grieves for the children being slaughtered every day, I'm encouraged to see people banding together to protect life. Today there are protests going on at 300 different Planned Parenthood locations in the country. You can click here to find out more, and where one of those protests is taking place nearest to you.

But perhaps you, like me, don't live anywhere near a Planned Parenthood facility. What else can you do? Plenty. In fact, even if you do participate in the protests today, these are things that you can do to make an impact in your own community -- and doing it year-round, not just on protest days. Here are 5 suggestions...

1) Join or volunteer with …