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The Young Messiah: A Pastor's Review

Following my last review of the movie Risen, I read a comment that the depiction of Jesus in that movie was the best portrayal of Jesus yet. (I didn't retaliate with, "No, [this movie] Jesus was definitely a better movie Jesus!")

Risen's portrayal of Jesus wasn't good. He was generic and non-specific. There was no gospel and no call to repent of sins -- not even when Jesus talked to the sinning and unbelieving Clavius. It was like Clavius needed a loan and was trying to figure out which bank to use, and Jesus said, "I know what you're looking for, and here are all the benefits I offer."

About the best praise I could give to Risen's Jesus was that he wasn't a blonde-haired white dude. They attempted to go with an actor who looked more like a Galilean (even though he's from New Zealand). But the next Jesus Movie of the Month, The Young Messiah, definitely goes back to the European standard of long-haired blonde Jesus.

That's not the on…

Cruz, Rubio, Trump, and the Moment of Truth

Now is the moment: Do these candidates actually care about doing what's best for the country, or do they only care about themselves running the country?

If Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio care about what's best for the United States of America, Marco Rubio should suspend his campaign this week, and Ted Cruz should extend to him a hand of fellowship. We would then have a Cruz/Rubio ticket 8 months before the election, plenty of time to go after Donald Trump and win the republican nomination for President.

To make the ticket even stronger, Cruz should also extend invitations to Dr. Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Jeb Bush, and Mike Huckabee, and offer them cabinet positions (the obvious one for Carson would be Surgeon General). You would have a ticket with a plan for this country already in place before taking office. The people would witness a real sense of leadership.

It would also unify the GOP in a way it has not been unified in years. Right now it is massively fragmented. The biggest p…