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Believe and You'll Be Saved

This blog is expounding upon a recent When We Understand the Text video, which you can view by clicking here. Some brief church news and tonight's fellowship meal menu are below.

Paul and Silas went to Philippi to preach the gospel. Luke, the author of Acts (and also of the gospel of the same name), was among the missionary brethren that accompanied them. One of the first persons they converted was a woman named Lydia who was then baptized along with her whole household. Some scholars believe it was in Lydia's home that the Philippian church began. When Paul wrote Philippians, that letter would have been read aloud to the gathering of believers meeting in Lydia's house.

As they continued preaching in Philippi, they were followed by a slave-girl who had an evil spirit that gave her the ability to tell fortunes. She followed them for many days, warning others that Paul and his team were attempting to convert people to Christ. Finally Paul got annoyed by this and rebuked her …