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What's So Bad About Christian Radio (a response to an article by Trevin Wax)

The last couple of weeks have seen a very crazy and often heart-breaking news cycle. So you probably missed a blog by Trevin Wax in which he listened to two hours of K-Love and offered his critique. His conclusion was that Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) is not that bad, and that "the critique that there is little to no theological substance is unjustified."

His blog was titled Christian Music Radio Is More Theological Than You Think. I don't have any doubt that it's theological. If you're opening your mouth and talking about God, you are being theological. The problem is, if it's not grounded in biblical historical orthodoxy, it's probably pretty bad. I agree with Wax that it's not fair to say Christian radio has nothing theologically substantive to offer. But I disagree that it's more than "little."

Still, I will concede that listening to K-Love is much better for a person's brain than listening to secular Top 40 or even a count…

The Passing of Margaret Rainwater

Dear First Southern Baptist Church; grace to you and peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to inform you that our dear sister in the Christ, Chong Sun "Margaret" Rainwater, passed away last night due to complications from cancer affecting primarily her brain and her lungs. She is gone from this earth and with her Lord forever. My fingers tremble as I type it, a mixture of pain and mourning but also great relief and rejoicing. I know that she is home.

The last time I was with Margaret was a little over a week ago, when the elders and I came to her home and participated in the Lord's Supper together. In our prayers, we praised God for this wonderful woman and all that she had been to our church since being baptized here in 1978, born again and alive in Christ longer than I've been alive and breathing the air of this world.

We rejoiced and understood, as Margaret understood, that her body would die and she would …