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Christian, Stop Sharing Joshua Feuerstein Videos

Joshua Feuerstein achieved social media notoriety in 2014. He started out posting simple devotional videos, cheesy "God thinks you're a hundred bucks" kinds of sermonettes, which attracted viewers because of his fierce delivery. None of his devotionals are ground-breaking. In fact, some just butcher the Bible verses he uses. It's his charisma that has been his draw and Facebook his primary medium.

His most recent video, posted two days ago, already has 2 million views. The videos are often hashtagged #shareifyoucare. He knows how to sell himself. A video critical of evolution has made atheists obsessed with him, and he's touched on various social issues. A couple months ago he made national news after recording himself calling a bakery to order a sheet cake that read, "We do not support gay marriage." (It was done in poor taste, and he's since taken the video down.)

Feuerstein has gusto, and his videos may have literally saved lives. He shared a te…