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The Virtual Communion of Saints?

As the threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus continues to loom large, many local governments have put stay-at-home orders in place to prevent the rapid spread of this pandemic. Most of America's churches have ceased gathering regularly to comply with these restrictions and as a matter of wisdom. Many of these churches have put their services online, live streaming the Sunday singing and sermon through social media like Facebook or YouTube.

This has caused to ponder ecclesiology (the study of the church and its practices) in contexts we haven't had to think about before, most notably in the observance of our ordinances: baptism and the Lord's supper. Can we witness a baptism online? Is it still a legitimate baptism? Can we partake in the Lord's supper online? In other words, can we have a virtual Lord's supper?

Prior to the coronavirus, we were already debating about whether a person can truly go to church on the internet. Spoiler alert: you can't. As Dr. Albert M…

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